Since the turn of the millennium, many artificial grass fields have been laid, but too little has been thought about how to deal with the artificial grass which have to be replaced. What about the removal, the waste stream, the recycling process of the fibers, the backing and the infill? We can conclude from the recent media attention that herein has been failed, which have caused that valuable raw materials have ended up in a gray circuit. However, the reuse of artificial grass in a responsible and circular way is possible! Therefore, two companies have joined forces and have taken the lead in recycling material from artificial turf and processing the fibers into new products for on and around the sports field. During your visit on this website we hope to give a good impression of our 100% circular approach.


We want to ensure that all artificial grass fibers from old artificial grass fields are recycled and manufactured into new products on and around sports fields.


Lankhorst Recycling Products manufactures products from recycled plastic and will, within the partnership, focus primarily on the production and development of products from recycled artificial turf.

W&H Sports

W&H Sports is involved in the sale and delivery of high-quality sports and furnishing materials for sports facilities and will, within the partnership, focus on the development and sale of products made from recycled artificial grass.


The recycled material that GreenMatter uses comes from the Re-Match company, which specializes in the recycling of artificial grass.