Eighth edition Trade fair Sportaccommodaties well visited again

Last week the Vakbeurs Sportaccommodaties took place for the eighth time. Among other things, we were present this year to draw attention to GreenMatter. The Vakbeurs Sportaccommodaties is a trade fair that is mostly visited by municipal officials, board members and committee members of sports clubs, advisers, architects, designers, school boards, teachers and operators of indoor and outdoor sports facilities.


We place sustainability and innovation at the center and that could be seen with our own eyes at the Vakbeurs Sportaccommodaties yesterday. The GreenMatter products have not gone unnoticed. There is now a great deal of interest from home and abroad due to the circularity within the sport, reduction of the artificial grass waste mountain and the use of a circular product (edging boards) as a preventive measure against the spread of microplastics and for preservation of infill on the sports field. The year 2020 has therefore started well for us with, among other things, many new applications for recycled edge boards. In addition to the planks, the carefully assembled delivery program of GreenMatter includes picnic sets, park benches, flower boxes, roadside posts and recently also paving. The range offers sufficient possibilities for every kilogram of artificial grass fibers to be recycled in or around the sports accommodation.