All days the Day of Sustainability in the Bijlmer

dag van de duurzaamheid

Sportpark Bijlmer is taking serious steps towards a sustainable future and a circular sports environment. Several GreenMatter products have been delivered here recently. Certainly on the Day of Sustainability this sports park deserves extra attention as far as we are concerned!

Bijlmer Sportpark is a multifunctional sports park where various sports such as football, hockey, baseball and softball, cricket and athletics are practiced. There is also a multifunctional clubhouse. In addition to accessibility to the sports park, sustainability is also of paramount importance.

With GreenMatter we have set ourselves the goal to reduce the artificial turf waste by developing and producing products from recycled artificial turf. On this special day Bijlmer Sportpark is a good example where you can see how a circular raw material flow can be created from waste. For example, the new artificial grass pitch of football club Zuidoost United has been fitted with the GreenMatter edge boards (2.0) with aluminium bottom profile and rubber strip. For the supporters the old grandstand of sports park Bijlmer has been replaced by GreenMatter tables. We have delivered several picnic sets with 2 benches and 4 benches and 2 team tables. Furthermore we have delivered GreenMatter flower boxes in different sizes.

The project was carried out in cooperation with the City of Amsterdam and Sallandse United.