Development in the GreenMatter side boards

With GreenMatter, we are constantly looking for new ways to process artificial grass fibres from old worn artificial turf pitches into new, durable furnishing materials. The GreenMatter edging boards were one of the first products to be developed but have always been further developed over the years. Once again we are able to communicate a new further development.

GreenMatter sideboards are available in different versions. For example, the edging board with a height of 15 and a height of 20 centimetres can be ordered. At an earlier stage, in cooperation with Struyk Verwo, a concrete slab with a recess was already being made so that our edging boards can be fitted in a deeper position. In order to minimise the chance of unwanted infill and microplastics spreading, we have now developed an application in which the edging board is fitted with a rubber strip.

Watch the video here!

GreenMatter toe board 2.0

The big difference with the previous edging boards is that the GreenMatter edging board is connected to each other by a coupling, which is made of recycled artificial grass. This means that the compriband that was previously used to compensate for the shrinkage and expansion of the edging boards is no longer needed. In addition, the edging board is provided with an aluminium bottom profile fitted with a rubber strip. This strip ensures that any unevenness in the pavement is absorbed.

Scoop for S.V. Geinburgia

Sports club Geinburgia from Amsterdam had the scoop. The first GreenMatter side boards 2.0 were used here. In addition to the side boards, new game goals and dugouts were also delivered. Another peculiarity; the dug-outs are equipped with GreenMatter benches. These are made of old worn artificial grass fibres and are returned to the sports fields in this circular way in the form of new furnishing materials.