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Green Key is an international quality mark for companies in the sector of recreational, tourist and business accommodations, such as campsites, holiday parks, hotels, restaurants, cultural institutions and meeting and event venues. Companies with a Green Key certification meet the standards of the Stichting Keurmerk Milieu, Veiligheid en Kwaliteit (KMVK) (Foundation for the Environment, Safety and Quality Hallmark) and do everything in their power to do business sustainably and to reduce the burden on the environment.

Social responsibility

Green Key stimulates conscious enjoyment by encouraging accommodations to consciously deal with nature and our environment, without compromising on comfort and quality. For its certification, Green Key uses the three levels of bronze, silver and gold. The measures taken by the Green Key accommodations in the field of environmental care and corporate social responsibility (CSR) go beyond what is required of them by legislation and regulations. The more measures a company takes, the higher the level of certification.

Products GreenMatter

GreenMatter is an initiative that focuses on reducing artificial grass waste in an innovative way. We manufacture circular products from recycled artificial grass fibres for on and around the park, your site.

The composite delivery program of, among other things, picnic sets, park benches, flower boxes, bar tables, marking poles and terrace and decking boards, offers sufficient possibilities to return every kilogram of artificial grass fibre to parks, sports facilities or public spaces.

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At the moment there are few companies that have developed a circular raw material flow from ‘waste’ in the same way. The distinguishing factors are: the cooperation with reliable partners, high quality & responsible products and the fact that the GreenMatter products are 100% recyclable afterwards. With this GreenMatter delivers a completely closed circle. By carefully designing the products, metal and plastic are separated in the system. This guarantees that all components can be recycled without additional contamination and even with a negative CO2 footprint.

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