New in our GreenMatter delivery program; the diamond marking pole

With our GreenMatter initiative we have reduced the artificial grass waste mountain in an innovative way by developing circular products for on and around the sports field. GreenMatter supports clients such as municipalities and engineering firms in a practical and transparent way in a circular solution for the processing of worn artificial grass mats.

Development process

The carefully put together delivery program of pick and side boards, picnic sets, park benches, flower boxes and decking and decking boards, offers sufficient possibilities for every kilogram of artificial grass fibers to be recycled in or around the sports accommodation. The development of new recycled products is also a continuous process. Together with clients, new solutions for and on the sports field are always being looked into. The latest addition to the delivery program is the diamond coupling.

The diamond marking pole

The diamond marking pole is made from recycled artificial grass from artificial grass fields to be replaced (no production waste) and can be used as a roadside pole, barrier pole or marking pole with the function of increasing public safety. The diamond marking pole can be placed as a marker pole around parking places or as a barrier pole at bridges and on street sides. After the end of its lifespan, this coupling can be recycled. Dimensions: 15 x 15 cm, height 140 cm of which 60 cm built-in.