Product characteristics

Together with our production partner Lankhorst Recycling Products, we are constantly working on improving and further developing our products. We place great value on high-quality products and their impact on people and the environment.


In addition to the REACH statement and the raw materials statement, we also conducted a ZZS study. This study guarantees that the product is safe for people and nature. Thanks to the unique production and purification method, this result can be guaranteed for all GreenMatter products. Our REACH statement and raw materials statement give clients more certainty about the origin and processing of raw materials. The statements give also better insights into the influences from the products on people and environment. To offer even more certainty, the production of GreenMatter products comply with ISO 9001: Quality certificate , ISO 14001: Environment certificate and OHSAS 18001: Safety certificate. In addition, our production has a reduced footprint and reduces the amount of waste to be incinerated.

When choosing recycled and circular products, it is advisable to request these certificates. This gives certainty about the origin and application of responsible products.

Unique features

Our products are made from recycled artificial grass fibers, which are fiberglass-reinforced and UV-resistant. The expected lifespan of GreenMatter products is at least 50 years. At the end of their lifespan the products are still 100% recyclable by our production partner Lankhorst. Circularity is a spearhead within our GreenMatter initiative, therefore the composition of our products is 100% recyclable. By carefully designing the products, metal and plastic are used separately during the manufacturing process. This results in a simple separation of material when GreenMatter products are at the end of their lifespan. Therefore we guarantee that all components can be recycled without additional pollution and CO2 footprint.