Outdoor furniture

Our outdoor furniture is made out of recycled artificial grass from artificial grass fields which have to be replaced (no production waste). The dark green furniture is steel-reinforced, UV-resistant and 100% recyclable. The minimum expected technical lifespan of GreenMatter products are 50 years. Delivery includes guarantee statement raw materials and REACH statement.

Picnic set (2 benches)

Picnic set (4 benches)

Park bench

Flower box

Marking pole

River bank protection

Brush mat

Brush mat consisting of recycled artificial grass beams of 43x43 mm. These beams have a mutual distance of approx. 7 mm. The fiber height of the nylon brushes is approximately 17 mm high. Bottom brush mat with aluminum T-profile (5 cm with 5 mm wall thickness) for extra dirt collection / installation depth. Total height of the brush mat is 110 mm.

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Digi-folder GreenMatter

Team tabel

The ‘GreenMatter’ team table’ is ideal for ‘the third half’ at your sports club! The team table is an ideal opportunity to finish a training session or match with the whole team. The ‘GreenMatter’ team bench can easily be dug in and is made of recycled artificial grass from replaceable artificial grass pitches (no production waste). The team bench is steel reinforced and UV-resident. After end of life it is 100% recyclable. Minimum expected technical lifespan 50 years. The dimensions of the team table are 385 cm by 240 cm. Colour: dark green. Delivery includes guarantee declaration of raw materials and REACH statement.

Other applications

In order to achieve our objective and mission, we are happy to start conversations with clients to develop new applications. When replacing an artificial grass field, we would like to use the same amount of artificial grass fibers for the new products at or around your sports facility. Below you will find an overview of possible applications: