Signing partial agreement Circular Sports Environment

Today, 23 January 2020, the Ministry of Health, Welfare and Sport, NOC*NSF, VSG, Municipality of Amsterdam, KNHS and Jumping Amsterdam organized a Sportief Verbinden event in the RAI in Amsterdam in cooperation with KC Sport. GreenMatter, as innovator and supplier of recycled products, has been invited to sign the sub agreement Circular Sport Environment! Nice detail is that all partial agreements are signed on a GreenMatter table, entirely made out of the artificial grass fibres of old, worn artificial grass pitches.

With Sportief Verbinden, the NOC*NSF aims at chairpersons and directors of sports associations, aldermen and deputies, policymakers of municipalities, provinces and social partners and the business community to meet, exchange knowledge, make connections and experience sport.

The event is divided into several sub-sessions of which Routekaart Circulaire Sportomgeving is one of them. During this program, the Routekaart duurzaamheidzening sport and 3 partial agreements will be signed. These state how the sports sector wants to put the ambitions of the climate agreement into practice. This has been established in consultation with municipalities, sports associations, commercial sports providers, suppliers, innovators and implementers.

Anneke van Zanen-Nieberg, chairman of the NOC*NSF, Lucas Bolsius, chairman of VSG and Karin van Bijsterveld, chairman of the platform for enterprising sports providers, among others, put their signatures to the day and thus expressed their commitment to achieving climate objectives.

The programme is led by Humberto Tan and there are contributions from several leading figureheads. Also GreenMatter – as innovator and supplier of recycled products – is invited to sign the partial agreement. The invitation is a great compliment to all those involved within the GreenMatter initiative (read: Lankhorst Recycling Products and W&H Sports) and gives us even more energy to reduce the artificial grass waste mountain by manufacturing circular products.

We are signatories to the partial agreement:

Marcel Bouwmeester (municipality of Utrecht/sports municipalities)
Erik Gerritsen (director Royal Dutch Hockey Association)
Michael Vogel (Group Director Ten Cate)
Martin Oldeweghuis (Topteam Sport)
Harry Vedder (Senior Advisor M3V)
Jos Klerx (Sector specialist Catering & Recreation Rabobank)
William van Diemen and Stefan Hofman (GreenMatter)

Source: NOC*NSF